Not sure where to eat?

What it Does

New Tastes You Didn't Know You Loved

Yazabi analyzes all your options - including new restaurants you've never heard of - and tells you which are the best for you, based on your flavour, location and price preferences

Discover a More Delicious World

The more you use it, the better it gets to know you - and that means even better recommendations!

From the App to the Dinner Table in a Flash

The questions that the Yazabi app asks you are super easy to answer, and are optimized to zero in on the best restaurant for you as quickly as possible

Everyone Gets a Say

In group mode, the Yazabi app uses your answers, together with those of your friends to find a restaurant that makes everyone happy

How it Works


The Yazabi app uses machine learning algorithms to find the restaurant that has the right location, flavors and prices for you and your friends. It also uses predictive algorithms to calculate the best questions to ask you, so you can get the right food on your plate as fast as possible.


Ed Harris


Jérémie Harris


Edouard Harris recently completed his Ph.D. in biological physics at the University of Toronto, and Jeremie Harris is a quantum physicist and Ph.D. candidate at the Max Planck – University of Ottawa Centre for Extreme and Quantum Photonics. Both Ed and Jeremie are Vanier Scholars, each independently having received Canada’s most prestigious graduate award in the natural sciences and engineering. Though their academic paths have been different, their research has revolved around one theme: obtaining, manipulating, and analyzing information. Their extensive experience backs every answer (and every question) you get when you use Yazabi's platform.

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